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8 Benefits of Partnering with Renewable Energy Staffing Companies

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As an industry with a global output expected to more than double by 2030, renewable energy is full of untapped opportunities. Not only is there an influx of new companies entering the market, but many established organizations are broadening their portfolios to include renewable technologies. In other words, competition is fierce. 

As with any emerging industry experiencing rapid growth, qualified candidates with the necessary skills and experience are more in demand than ever. How do you position your business attractively in the eyes of top-tier talent?

Partnering with dedicated energy recruitment agencies offers a strategic solution. With experience supporting businesses within power, renewables, natural gas, and distributed electricity, renewable energy staffing companies have the expertise and know-how to conduct an effective energy executive search — allowing you to hire energy sector experts that drive your business forward and gain a competitive edge.  

The Rise of Renewable Energy

In the dynamic landscape of renewable energy, businesses are navigating a shift from traditional energy sources towards more innovative and sustainable alternatives. The industry’s progression is marked by sophisticated advancements and the strategic integration of various renewable technologies. Primary examples include: 

  • Solar Energy – The most abundant of all renewables, the solar sector is undergoing a major shift in efficiency and scalability. Large-scale photovoltaic projects are becoming more financially viable due to advancements in panel technology and manufacturing processes. The focus is increasingly on integrating solar energy into the grid and exploring storage solutions to address intermittency issues.

  • Wind Energy – The wind sector is witnessing remarkable developments in turbine design and offshore wind capabilities. Companies are closely monitoring the advancements in turbine efficiency and the exploration of deep-water offshore sites, which present unprecedented opportunities for capacity expansion.

  • Geothermal Energy — As a stable and reliable energy source, geothermal is gaining traction for its ability to provide base-load power. The focus is on harnessing enhanced geothermal systems (EGS) and exploring their synergies with other renewable sources for a more resilient energy grid.

  • Hydropower — In the hydropower sector, the emphasis is on optimizing existing infrastructures and exploring pumped storage hydropower (PSH) as a method for energy storage and grid stabilization. The potential for small-scale hydro in decentralized energy systems is also a key area of interest. 

  • Ocean Energy — While still in its infancy, ocean energy (also known as “wave power” or “marine energy”) has many eyeing its long-term potential. The focus is on overcoming technological and economic barriers to harness the immense energy of tidal, wave, and ocean currents.

  • Bioenergy — In bioenergy, the trend is towards more sustainable and efficient utilization of biomass. The industry is exploring advanced biofuels, biogas, and waste-to-energy technologies, with an emphasis on reducing emissions and enhancing energy security — especially in remote and rural settings.

For decision makers in the renewable energy sector, the challenge lies not just in adopting these technologies, but in strategically hiring the right people who can lead the charge.

Why Work with Renewable Energy Staffing Companies?

When top renewable energy companies partner with renewable energy recruiting firms, they form a strategic alliance that bridges the gap between visionary organizations and exemplary talent. Here’s how working with power industry recruiters can optimize your hiring process. 

1. Expertise in Renewable Energy Recruitment

Partnering with renewable energy staffing companies eliminates the need for extensive explanation of industry-specific terminology or skill requirements, as they possess a deep-rooted understanding of the sector’s nuances. Recruiters have a profound understanding of industry trends and dynamics, with extensive background knowledge encompassing:

  • In-depth knowledge of emerging technologies and their implications for
    workforce needs.

  • Proficient awareness of regulatory compliance requirements across
    different geographies.

  • Insight into market demand trends, influencing talent acquisition strategies.

  • A comprehensive understanding of the specific skills and competencies required in the renewable energy landscape.

Having a recruiter on your hiring support team who already speaks your language makes it much easier to identify suitable candidates. Partnering with a leading energy resourcing group is akin to having an additional expert on your HR team. 

2. Access to a Diverse Candidate Pool

Most candidates are already aware that dedicated industry recruiters have extensive networks of contacts within the best renewable energy companies to work for. For candidates, signing up with an energy executive search team increases the chance of getting tip-offs about potential openings and securing prestigious positions. For employers, this means unfettered access to a much broader pool of candidates, including many who aren’t yet openly seeking a new role.

3. Faster Time-to-Hire

Partnering with an energy recruiting firm saves precious time for hiring teams as in-house processes can take one to two months on average to fill positions in the renewable energy sector. Working with renewable energy specialists expedites the hiring timeline because staffing companies help with everything from crafting job specifications and adverts to resume screening, candidate interviews, and contract negotiations. 

4. Streamlined Hiring Processes

Hiring managers at top renewable energy companies  know the difference that an extra team member can make when sourcing and qualified hundreds of applications from candidates for a role. Recruitment specialists are trained to consistently find a good fit for both candidates and clients. This means they’ll only connect you with the most exceptional, pre-screened, and qualified candidates that match your specifications and needs.

5. Competitive Edge in the Renewable Energy Sector

Renewable energy staffing companies recruit for various roles, including temporary, contract, and permanent placements. Their flexible approach and tailored recruitment solutions allow businesses to maximize budgets and gain a competitive edge by constantly adapting to changing project needs and responding swiftly to market demands by scaling the workforce up or down as required.

6. Customized Staffing Solutions

Dedicated renewable energy recruiting firms know that one size doesn’t fit all. Rather, they collaborate with you to develop strategic workforce plans that align with specific short-term, mid-term, and long-term organizational goals and objectives. This process typically involves assessing the current workforce, identifying skill gaps, and planning future staffing needs based on specific project timelines and business growth. 

7. Compliance with Regulations

In the highly regulated landscape of renewable energy, staying up-to-date with legislation at local, regional, national, and international levels is crucial. Experienced power industry recruiters adeptly navigate these complexities and ensure compliance by taking a lead
role in:

  • Rigorous background checks of potential employees, ensuring integrity and alignment with company standards.

  • Verification of candidates’ qualifications, certifications, and licenses, confirming their suitability for specialized roles.

  • Confirmation of appropriate work authorization, crucial in maintaining legal workforce composition.

  • Scrutinizing employment contracts to ensure they adhere to labor standards, including fair compensation, overtime regulations, and adherence to anti-discrimination policies.

  • Comprehensive reporting on workforce demographics and safety records, aligning with regulatory demands and corporate responsibility.

8. Time and Cost Savings

Outsourcing to energy recruitment agencies can often be more cost-effective than maintaining an in-house recruitment team. Not only do they have a broad network of contacts to help you find the best candidates in the shortest possible time frame, but they also cover a bulk of the cost and administrative burden related to candidate sourcing, assessments, interviews, and onboarding. 

What Positions Can You Staff with Energy Recruitment Agencies?

Due to the scope of recruiting solutions available, renewable energy staffing companies can assist you in hiring for a variety of specialist positions within the new energy
sector, including:

Executive and Senior Management Roles

Executive-level job vacancies for CEOs, COOs, CFOs, and other high-level C-suite positions demand a unique blend of industry knowledge, strategic vision, and business acumen. Primary Services’ Houston-based executive recruiters specialize in identifying and placing top-tier executives who can drive innovation, navigate regulatory landscapes, and lead organizations toward sustainable growth.

Engineering and Technical Positions

Engineering and technical positions in the renewables sector form the backbone of project development and execution. The specialist skills and knowledge required to effectively operate in these roles means it takes an expert to source the right candidate. Our experienced team can connect you with all manner of renewable energy staffing
roles, including:

  • Auditors
  • Performance engineers
  • Analysts 

Project Management and Development

In a booming industry like new energy, those with fundamental project and development experience are especially in demand. Renewable energy specialists have networks of candidates for roles related to overseeing project timelines, budgets, and stakeholder relationships. Some examples of specific job roles include:

  • Energy transition specialists
  • Renewable energy designers 
  • Solar project developers 
  • Project managers
  • Development managers

Sales and Business Development

Achieving growth in the new energy sector is often reliant on recruiting an effective and knowledgeable sales team. At Primary Services, we have a proven track record in successfully matching energy-savvy communications managers, account executives, sales consultants, and sales advisors who can hit the ground running and make an immediate impact on your bottom line.

Operations and Maintenance

Whether you’re a new player in the renewables field looking to build out a world-class team or an energy powerhouse seeking new experts to drive energy transition, operational and maintenance staff are the key to keeping your business running smoothly. Our team of energy experts has significant experience in finding a range of operational talent, such as:

  • Operations support representatives
  • Transactional analysts
  • Load analytics associate 

Partnering with Renewable Energy Staffing Companies: How It Works

The primary role of any recruiting firm is to help top renewable energy companies streamline the process of sourcing and placing the best candidates. As the leading staffing agency in Houston, Primary Services is perfectly placed to find your next outstanding hire. Here’s what to expect from the process.

Initial Consultation

This crucial step involves understanding your business, its unique culture, and the specific requirements of the positions you want to fill. Our team collaborates closely with you to gain insights into your goals, values, and the skills necessary for success. Our discoveries set the foundation for a tailored recruitment strategy that aligns with your business objectives.

Candidate Sourcing and Screening

Our database and referral networks are packed with qualified jobseekers and hard-to-source candidates that you won’t find anywhere else. We use advanced recruitment tools to identify potential candidates using the criteria outlined during our consultation. Then, we employ a stringent screening process to evaluate qualifications and experiences, ensuring we only present candidates compatible with your needs.

Interviewing and Selection

Having a trusted partner to facilitate the interviewing and selection process optimizes the time-consuming and resource-intensive task of selecting the best-fit candidate. Once each candidate is fully vetted and pre-screened for technical ability and cultural fit, we’ll coordinate your interview schedule, organize assessments, and provide feedback to both parties at every stage. 

Onboarding and Integration

Effective onboarding is essential for accelerating the integration of new team members, reducing ramp-up time, and fostering a positive employee experience from the start. Once you’ve selected the perfect recruit, we assist with the logistics of the onboarding process and provide the necessary information to ensure a smooth transition into their new role.

Ongoing Support and Talent Management

We aim to build long-lasting relationships with our partners, which means our relationship doesn’t end with the placement of a candidate. We’re always on hand with ongoing support to ensure your satisfaction, the retention of valuable hires, and build a mutually beneficial partnership that supports your long-term success. 

Hire Energy Sector Experts with Primary Services

In the fast-paced world of new energy, success hinges on securing top talent quickly. So why wait for candidates to come to you when our experienced renewable energy staffing team can connect you directly with some of the brightest minds in the industry?

Primary Services’ staffing agency in Houston offers powerful recruiting solutions for a broad spectrum of new energy companies. With over 35 years of experience, we have successfully placed over 70,000 candidates in positions that span the globe.

Contact us today to learn more and discover the power of a partnership that builds a sustainable tomorrow.


Senior Accounts Payable Specialist

Five years ago, James was laid off from his position as a degreed accountant. He had loved working in the accounting field and needed to find a new job quickly. James was hoping for an entry point into a good, stable company where he could start small and work his way back up to the kind of accounting role he liked best.

James connected with Primary Services and spoke to one of our recruiters with a high degree of specialization in Finance and Accounting. James’ attitude, enthusiasm, and qualifications were quite impressive. After interviewing him to understand his immediate career goals, our recruiter found a position within a company that she knew would be exactly the right environment for James.

With Primary’s help, James secured an AP position. Although our client was initially concerned that James may be overqualified, our recruiter reached out to make sure the hiring managers understood James’ personality and goals, rather than just the skills on his resume. The hiring manager decided to hire James and found that, as promised, he was the perfect fit for the job. James became a permanent employee in short order and still works with our client today.


Team Lead, Business Process Analysis

Meg wanted more opportunity to rise up in her company and effect lasting change. Although her previous experience interested her and made good use of her technologically savvy “big picture” approach, Meg decided she was ready to make a career move that would enable her to help plan and implement higher-profile initiatives.

A little uncertain how to start, Meg applied to a writing position advertised by Primary Services. After reviewing Meg’s application, one of our experienced recruiters interviewed Meg to better assess and understand Meg’s career path and goals. Getting to the core of what would make Meg truly happy, the recruiter was able to find an excellent opportunity at a company who was interested in both Meg’s desire to write and her interest in business analysis.

Meg was hired permanently after three months, and now she is a Team Lead training the newest recruits. Her work is more challenging, more satisfying, and definitely more in line with what she wanted and was unable to find on her own.


Customer Service Professional

Brittany moved from Louisiana to Houston to create a better opportunity for herself and her children. Her passion was to continue working in Customer Care, but the first job she found in Houston was canceled. So, Brittany turned to Primary Services for help.

Our Customer Service recruiting teams worked closely with Brittany, helping her find temporary jobs while continuing to search for more permanent positions. After a few short weeks, a company that interested Brittany had a new opening in its HR department. Because Primary’s recruiters had close relationships with our client, Brittany knew that this opportunity would get her foot in the door and move into the Customer Service job she wanted.

Within a few months, she was hired as a permanent employee in our client’s Customer Service division, making a higher salary than ever before in her life. Primary Services’ connections within the Houston market helped Brittany to find a stable, fulfilling position that she sees herself staying in for a long time to come, making a difference for her and her family.


Regional Manager, Fred Loya Insurance

Our client was poised for exponential growth. Their goals for this growth entailed opening numerous locations in the city and in other states. They had everything they needed save for one obstacle: attrition. Their rate of growth was dampened due to the level of turnover within their operations and thus their employment brand was suffering. Their current strategy to bringing in employees at large volumes to fill vacancies was merely treating the symptom.

Our client reached out to Primary Services to provide insight into achieving their goals. Initially, they wanted primary to merely supply them with the number of candidates needed. Primary, however, knew we had more to offer our client. We took a sincere interest, and became invested creating a long-term partnership with our client. We collaborated with them to not only customize the candidate profile and recruiting methods, but to create improved processes for onboarding and training employees. As a result, within two months, our client saw their Houston locations staffed more quickly than ever before.

With the help of Primary Services, our client’s attrition dropped by at almost 40%. Of the candidates Primary found and placed in our client’s locations, many were identified as potentials to take on managerial roles within the first few months of their tenure. Ultimately, with Primary, our client shifted their business in an entirely new direction with locations launched in two new cities and a new state in less than two months.

Sean Flannigan

Accounting Manager

Sean Flannigan provides robust accounting, payroll and back-office service as Accounting Manager. Sean joined Primary Services more than 25 years ago as a payroll assistant while attending University of Houston-Downtown. After ensuring accurate weekly payroll delivery and bill processing, he was quickly promoted to Payroll Manager to oversee back-office operations, collections, and credit applications. Sean currently services as Accounting Manager and is responsible for all collections, accounts payable, and accounts receivable. With an eye for detail, Sean manages Primary Services’ accounting books and monthly and quarterly state and federal taxes while supporting business development. After coaching youth sports for 15 years, he served as President of Greater Houston Youth Lacrosse Association Kingwood, Vice President of Kingwood Girls Lacrosse, and currently serves on the board of directors for Kingwood Ladies Lacrosse.

Kimberly Pena

Senior HR & Compliance Manager

Kim shares a wealth of experience managing processes and people as Senior Operations & HR Compliance Manager. Developing leadership skills while working three jobs throughout college, Kim joined Primary Services as an administrative assistant in 2015. She then supported payroll operations as a business analyst processing payments and auditing time sheets and accounting submissions. With a vigor for system efficiency, Kim transitioned to compliance and operations and currently leads the human resources team in strategic planning and process implementation while managing talent acquisition, employee relations, performance management, compensation, and benefits. Outside of work, Kim enjoys volunteering in the community, traveling, and cooking with her husband.

Kim holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance from the University of Houston.

Kelli McBee

Corporate Communications Director

Kelli McBee brings extensive agency and in-house marketing and communications experience to manage the reputation and branding of Primary Services. Kelli began her career in public and media relations at Edelman. She then developed consumer promotions as a marketing associate at Landry’s, Inc. before becoming Communications Director for 44 Farms. During grad school, she joined Kellogg’s as a sales rep and Senior Customer Analyst for the West Region assessing product performance and pricing strategies. Kelli joined Primary Services as Corporate Communications Director in 2022 and oversees all marketing initiatives and internal and external communications. She enjoys competitive country western dancing and volunteering as President of Altrusa International of Houston-Central, TX. 

Kelli holds a Bachelor of Arts from Boston College, Master of Business Administration from University of Houston, and Master of Hospitality Management from University of Houston.

Jason Kaspar

Director of IT

Jason Kaspar is a skilled software developer and IT expert. When he was 16 years old, Jason founded a company focused on assembling, repairing, and supporting computers and related products. While attending Texas A&M University, he gained a strong foundation in computer programming and began his career as a programmer at Universal Computer Systems for C++ software and micro application development. Jason joined Primary Services in 2000 as a software developer, implementing a 401K system for a dBase HRIS system, then converting that proprietary software to Java. He then began running payroll, HR, onboarding, and IT system infrastructure before being promoted to Director of IT. As Director of IT, he now oversees nationwide payroll, database management, and technical system support. Jason ensures accurate timekeeping and management of HR systems with productivity software and cloud-based services. In his free time, Jason enjoys playing sports, especially basketball.

Heather Mellinger

VP of Strategy & Business Development

Heather brings more than 10 years of experience in strategic vision and implementation as Vice President of Strategy and Business Development. Heather began her career at Primary Services in 2011 as a business development manager and served in a variety of positions leading process improvement, software implementation, and strategic account development roles. She then diversified her strategy and deal advisory acumen at KPMG as a Summer Senior Associate before joining Boston Consulting Group as a consultant and project leader. Skilled at identifying and solving complex business situations, Heather uses data-driven insights to develop strategic plans for new business opportunities and analyze market trends. Outside the office, Heather enjoys spending time with her family and newborn baby.

Heather holds a Bachelor of Arts from University of Pennsylvania and Master of Business Administration from Rice University.

Colin Mellinger

Team Lead Business Development

Colin is the Senior Director of Recruiting Strategy, leading strategic planning and account management. With a deep understanding of the recruiting industry, Colin provides expert counsel to clients and manages a high-performing recruiting team. He began his career at Primary Services as a technical recruiter, identifying and attracting top talent, and quickly rose to become Recruiting Team Lead. Leveraging his expertise in the talent market, he then became Sales Manager, driving new business development and fostering partnerships. Now, as head of the recruiting strategy division, Colin seeks new opportunities to innovate and improve. When he’s not at work, Colin can be found on the golf course or taking care of his rescue dog, Max, who is also the Primary Services mascot.

Colin holds a Bachelor of Arts in Business from Arizona State University.

Casi Contreras

Director of Strategic Planning

Director of Strategic Planning Casimira Contreras leads the customer service recruiting team to drive results for energy accounts. Casi brings a breadth of diverse experience beginning with customer service at Fingers Furniture in Houston before she entered the hospitality industry to run her own business after college. With an interest in operations, she shifted her career to become a customer service technician for AT&T. When an overseas opportunity was presented, she joined DynCorp as a logistics coordinator in Khandhar, Afghanistan. When her year was complete, she returned to AT&T overseeing a team in the field as a network operations manager. Casi joined Primary Services in 2020 as an on-site manager and currently manages a recruiting and performance management team while building relationships and servicing multiple clients. In her spare time, Casi enjoys time with her family swimming, traveling and home renovation projects.

Casi holds a Bachelor of Science in Economics from University of Houston. 

Attiya Han

HR Care & Compliance Manager

Attiya shares her lifelong compassionate heart for people as a former homemaker who decided to pursue a career in the corporate world. After years of managing her household and raising children, Attiya realized that she had a passion for helping others find their dream jobs and became a testing proctor for Lloyd’s Register in 2016 before transitioning into the recruiting industry. She joined Primary Services in 2017. With strong communication skills and attention to detail, Attiya became Human Resources Care and Compliance Manager, and currently connects talented individuals with the right companies, helps employees achieve career goals, and onboards new employees. In her spare time, Attiya enjoys gardening, traveling to the beach, and teaching her children to cook new dishes. 

Antonio Calvo

Account Director

Tony oversees recruiting success bringing more than 10 years of people management experience. The Houston native began his career teaching high school geometry at KIPP Sunnyside High School. He then joined Cristo Rey Jesuit College Preparatory as an administrative assistant and quickly rose to become Manager of Enrollment. Diversifying his skillset, he then completed an internship at retail electric company Infuse Energy to learn sales, operations, customer service, and to perform legal Spanish translations. Tony joined Primary Services in 2017 running logistics as a project recruiter. As Director of Operations, he currently provides training and development, process improvement, business development, and overall recruitment support to the team. Outside the office, Tony enjoys working out, playing with his dog, and reading sci-fi and leadership books.

Tony holds a Bachelor of Business Administration and an Associates in Spanish Language from St. Edward’s University.

Bert Mellinger

Chief Financial Officer

Albert serves as the CFO and leader of back-office teams at Primary Services, overseeing IT, HR, payroll, accounting, contracts, and process improvement personnel. With a background in computer programming and software development across various industries, including retail, healthcare, and oil and gas, Albert has kept Primary Services debt-free and 100% financially compliant since the company’s inception. He designed and developed an industry-leading contractor payroll, invoicing, and benefits administration software that integrates with clients’ systems to streamline processes and allows Primary to smoothly and efficiently pay contractors. Albert specializes in developing back-office software for essential functions, including accounting, inventory management, and consignment tracking. He has served on the board for Post Oak Little League and currently serves on the finance committee for Post Oak School.

Albert holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Duke University.

Regina Mellinger

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Regina is President and CEO of Primary Services. With a vision to impact peoples’ lives and the world, she founded Primary Services in 1988 and has built an award-winning company based on strong partnerships, innovative business solutions, and commitment to service excellence for many Fortune 100 clients. Regina drives the formulation and execution of strategic direction, heads the senior leadership team, and partners with an extensive portfolio of customers at the executive level to advise on cutting-edge talent delivery and program enhancement solutions. Regina currently serves on the Women’s Business Enterprise Alliance board guiding other women owned business leaders and the ANSERTEAM board aiding in professional development. Focused on providing quality of life-changing programs, she advises Civic Heart (formerly known as Change Happens!) with professional insights and resources to help empower people. In her spare time, Regina enjoys yoga and meditation, reading leadership books, and relishing in watching her grandson grow.

Regina holds a Bachelor of Arts from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania.