Emergency Information

Staffing Agency Houston

Emergency Information

What To Do

Your safety is our first priority. Please review and know the following protocol in case of inclement weather.

  • Monitor the situation using the National Weather Service or another news outlet.
  • Do not attempt to drive in hazardous conditions. If you cannot travel to work, inform your supervisor or manager.
  • Make sure that you know your direct supervisor’s contact information and are able to reach out to him/her for updates specific to your place of work.
  • Take note of your manager’s contact information, as well, so you will be prepared in the event you cannot reach your supervisor. If your place of work has an emergency hotline, make sure you know the number in advance.
  • If you are unable to reach a supervisor or manager to give a status update, call Primary Services’ emergency line to speak to a live person: 713-850-7020. If your concern is payroll-related, call the Payroll department at 713-766-1864.


Emergency Hotlines

Emergency phone lines for some major employers are listed below:

NRG: 1-866-554-4175

Shell: 1-877-40-SHELL or 1-866-745-5489 (menu options 6 & 7 will share ongoing updates)

Motiva: 1-877-316-8308

Total: 1-877-428-6346 Total E&P: 1-800-574-3870

Champion Energy (Calpine): 713-830-NEWS (6397) or the toll-free emergency hotline, 866-504-6357

Sunnova: 1-312-818-4717

Hess: 1-855-437-7674