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Renewable Energy Jobs

11 Types of Renewable Energy Jobs in Houston TX

The renewable energy sector in Houston, as well as in many other areas of the United States, is thriving. Most large cities, like Houston, TX offer many jobs in this new field.
Pay attention! Houston renewable energy companies are having trouble finding enough workers to fill them

PS. This means green energy jobs as well!

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If yes, this article is for you. Regardless of your location or experience level.

This article provides salary insights, job types, and Texas-specific green energy job facts. We’ve packed this post for you! You’ll find the information you need to prepare you for a company with a mission for renewable energy plans.

Think Fast! Renewable Energy Jobs Salary and Compensation Insights

No matter your specific salary requirement, a green energy role awaits you. Renewable energy jobs in Houston offer competitive wages. Many find them more lucrative than coal mining or construction! 

The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that solar jobs will grow by 22% in the next ten years.

When looking for salary details on clean energy jobs, don’t forget to factor in the location impact. For example, solar energy salaries in Florida are higher than those in Maine. This is due to the favorable conditions of sunshine year-round.

And for wind, factors such as population density and wind speeds influence salary range.

In general, the salary of renewable energy jobs varies depending on many factors. The other most important factors include experience and sector type (solar vs wind).

Read on for the 7 types of jobs offered in renewable energy.

Solar Energy Jobs Houston, Texas Has to Offer

Along with being an eco-friendly solution, solar energy is popular and profitable too! Sunlight is free and abundant, making this form of energy both cost-efficient and job-friendly. Solar energy jobs range from entry-level to technical.

Solar energy jobs are plentiful no matter where in the U.S. you are looking for a renewable job. Read more to learn about the different types of solar energy jobs available. The job types you will find here are available in Houston, Texas, and other areas of the U.S.

1. Solar Designer

Solar designers are responsible for the design of buildings using renewable energy solutions. Solar designers typically work on both residential and commercial designs. This is a more technical, but well-paying position!

Main Requirements:

  • Knowledge of CAD software
  • Experience with photovoltaic cells
  • Practical experience with electrical or mechanical engineering programs

2. Project Manager/Coordinator in Solar Energy

Another solar energy job in Houston is the project manager or coordinator position. As far as solar jobs go, this role is an upper management position. This person coordinates all aspects of solar energy projects. The average salary ranges from $39,000-$111,000 per year.

Main Requirements:

  • Renewable Energy or similar degree
  • Experience in renewable solutions for buildings (solar panels)
  • Knowledge of solar energy technology
  • Knowledge about installation and electrical wiring
  • Project manager or coordinator skills

Wind Energy Job Types That’ll Blow Your Mind

Wind energy jobs are popular for many reasons! Read on to learn about the different wind energy job types. These jobs range from entry-level positions to more technical roles.

3. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Specialist

The role of GIS Specialist in Solar specializes in the geographic mapping and aggregation of information. They focus on the information necessary for creating a wind farm. Strong computer skills and knowledge of GIS software is a prerequisite for this position. Salary ranges from $45,000-$130,000 per year on average (depending on experience).

Main Requirements:

  • Interest in renewable energy solutions
  • Knowledge of electricity and energy plans
  • Advanced computer skills- GIS Software knowledge such as ArcGIS or GeoMedia (Atlas)

Green Energy Job Types

The clean energy roles available in Houston, Texas, and other areas are plentiful. Clean energy jobs include more than just solar or wind power. Many companies offer clean tech and executive positions. The main focus of these jobs is on reducing emissions in different types of industries and green energy as a whole. In addition to that more general focus, a number of positions are specifically for renewable energy companies.

Green energy career types include:

4. Green Engineering Manager

This is a high-level role for someone who has extensive knowledge about the entire process of developing clean energy sources. This role ensures those projects get done right. This person has experience in all aspects of engineering and also understands how photovoltaic cells work. Salary ranges from $82,000-$131,000 per year on average (depending on experience).

Main Requirements:

  • Masters degree in renewable energy or similar field
  • Experience managing projects from start to finish (project management skills)
  • Knowledge of solar power, wind power, and other forms of renewables

5. Green Mechanical Engineer

This role is for someone with expertise in renewable energy. This person has a high level of knowledge about all aspects of photovoltaic cells and solar power as well as other forms of renewables. This person works with electricians and other technicians to ensure safety during operation of the turbine system. Salary ranges from $51,000-$121,000 per year on average (depending on experience).

Main Requirements:

  • Masters degree in renewable energy or related field
  • Knowledge of all aspects of renewable energies and their various forms
  • Interest in renewable solutions to the world’s electricity needs

6. Renewable Energy Consultant

This is a position for someone with a deep knowledge of renewable energy and related fields. This person must be able to help develop, market, sell or manage the clean tech products that are available. Clean energy consultants need excellent communication skills. They typically work in various types of environments where others may not know what they do. Salary ranges from $30,000-$138,000.

Main requirements:

  • Masters degree preferred in renewable energy or a related field such as Clean Tech Product Management
  • Experience with various types of clean tech products and risks associated with them (experience managing projects from start to finish)
  • Interest in how different fields are affected by the change to renewables

7. Green Building Developer/Manager

This role will be for someone who is passionate about the environment and clean energy. Clean Energy Developers have a high level of knowledge related to green building. This includes design, construction, and maintenance. They are responsible for overseeing new projects as well as managing existing buildings. Their work keeps projects efficient and sustainable over time. Salary ranges from $65,000-$135,000 per year.

Main Requirements:

  • Masters degree in Architecture, Clean Energy or related fields
  • Experience with green building design and construction
  • Knowledge of all aspects of electric vehicles including solar power

8. Executive Director for Clean Tech/Green Businesses

This position is for someone who’s interested in clean energy projects. Good examples include Clean Tech Product Management and Clean Energy Development. This person must have excellent communication skills, be able to manage budgets and work in a variety of environments where others don’t know what they do. Salary ranges from $55,000-$121,000 per year on average (depending on experience).

Main Requirements:

  • Masters degree preferred in Clean Tech Product Management or Clean Energy Development
  • Knowledge of all aspects related to clean energy including electric vehicles, solar power
  • Interest in both the theory and application of renewable resources

9. Clean Jobs Manager

Clean Jobs Managers have a deep knowledge of how renewables can affect different industries. They work with employers to help them create processes that are safe and sustainable. Clean Jobs Managers also helps to provide the skills needed in these industries as they move towards renewables. Salary ranges from $50,000-$125,000 per year on average (depending on experience).

Main Requirements:

  • Masters degree preferred in Clean Energy Development or related field
  • Experience with renewable resources 
  • Interest in how changes to renewables affect different industries

10. Clean Energy Executive

This is a management role for someone with a deep knowledge of Clean Energy Development. Clean Energy Executives are responsible for overseeing the clean energy process from start to finish. They have excellent communication skills as they work with others who don’t know what they do. Salary ranges from $50,000-$141,000 per year (depending on experience).

Main Requirements:

  • Masters degree preferred in Clean Energy Development
  • Experience with Clean Tech Products, Clean Building Design, and Construction
  • Knowledge of electric vehicles including solar power
  • Interest in how changes to renewables affect different industries

Green Energy Job Training in Houston, Texas

Learn more about training and education for clean energy job training at any specialty training center. Most large cities have an abundance of new energy training options.

If you happen to be in the energy center of Houston, Texas you can find 2 reputable training centers below:

International Renewable Academy – (770) 399-360

North American Photovoltaic Training Center – (713) 354-0046

Do clean energy jobs have your attention now? Looking for more?

There are many different renewable energy jobs available in Houston and the United States. As you can see, they are popular for many reasons! 

Keep in mind, our list is non-exhaustive. These are just a few of our favorites! Stay tuned to learn about them all soon! Or, reach out to our team at 713-850-7010.