Strategic Talent Solutions

"Change your thoughts and you change the world."
— Norman Vincent Peale

SOW/Project Support

Projects during major business shifts, such as mergers and acquisitions, software integrations, and system conversions, require identifying and onboarding critical talent quickly and effectively. Find highly qualified project resources quickly when you set up an SOW with Primary Services. We have years of experience with complex business operations and a range of other service functions, including IT project management, operational billing, procurement, call center, and other transactional services.

Primary Services offers customizable SOW and project support solutions to ensure both project and day-to-day business deliverables are met on-time and under budget. Our clients have the option to turn over any segment of business to us while maintaining control and oversight of KPIs and deadlines. Recent SOW and project management solutions have included:

  • Project Management, Global Energy Firm: Provided an entire project team responsible for the integration of a major acquisition’s billing system. The team included project managers, business analysts, billing coordinators, and other operational support.
  • Accounting, Fortune 500 O&G Company: Staffed a team of specialized revenue accountants responsible for maintaining day-to-day operations while the full-time team focused on a major software transition.
  • Payrolling: Manage payrolling project for an annual international intern program with customized billing solutions per state and intern category.

“For almost two years, Primary partnered directly with our senior leaders, managing a unique program for one of our business units. As a result of their strong performance, we asked them to take on additional projects. [Again,] their performance exceeded my expectations and those of the entire leadership team. I received a lot of positive feedback from my colleagues about their sound judgment, strong business acumen, integrity, and results orientation.”

Global Oil and Gas Provider