“The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn."
– Alvin Toffler

Set Your Sights on Houston’s Thriving Industries

Job seekers in today’s growing workforce are looking for careers in which they can make a visible contribution and impact. Job seekers of all skill sets can find a place to put their talents to use in any industry if they know where to look. In Houston, these opportunities are almost limitless. Houston has shown impressive economic stability despite the drop in oil prices putting a strain on the oil industry—Houston’s largest.

This is because Houston’s diverse economic landscape has seen growth in other sectors: education, healthcare, and leisure and hospitality.

In each of these industries, there is a desire to bring in talented individuals who can contribute to their continued growth. Below we’ll give a brief rundown of the industries’ trends and employment needs. Take a look and see where you fit in.


The education sector is experiencing a lot of growth lately. Demand for educators has increased by at least 11% nationally, and even more jobs are projected for the next few years. Educational institutions, however, need more than teachers to provide students with a quality learning experience. They are eager to acquire a support staff to be the backbone of both public and private institutions. These roles provide critical support necessary to streamline the operations of schools. There are plenty of roles that fall into this supportive realm, such as administrators, financial assistants, bookkeepers, and office managers.


Like education, the healthcare industry has gained sudden momentum in their post-recession recovery. There has been tremendous growth in employment for physician’s offices, home healthcare services, hospitals, and residential care facilities. This expansion need falls heavily on the nursing and physician shortage due in part to retiring baby boomer workers. But, like the education industry, the healthcare industry needs peripheral support personnel. The want for health management, patient outreach, and care coordination also adds to the growing pains. If job seekers with administrative experience want to get into this industry, they can look for positions in patient service coordination, eligibility, medical billing and coding, or general medical administration.

Leisure and Hospitality

The leisure and hospitality sector hasn’t just grown despite a fluctuating economy; its expansion has outpaced other sectors by an incredible amount. Leisure and hospitality has created almost 23,000 jobs since the beginning of the year in Houston alone. Service staff makes up the bulk of these new jobs, but there’s also a need to supplement the corporate side of the industry. Important segments of business such as sales and marketing, accounting and financial, customer service representatives, and others all have space to fill with high-quality talent. These positions range from assistant positions all the way up to directors and executives.

Nationally, all three of these industries have expanded over the past few years, but their development in Houston despite the city’s recent economic constraints has been particularly interesting. And these are just a fraction of the opportunities Houston offers for today’s job seekers who are always looking for the perfect place to have their career take root. Focusing industries that anticipate impressive development for years to come is a surefire way to see one’s career develop in tandem.