“The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn."
– Alvin Toffler

Preparing Yourself for Your Dream Job

Or perhaps the better term is “your dream role”. More often than not, the dream job is the role that highlights all of your strengths, enabling you to contribute to the bigger picture doing what you do best and what you enjoy most. Looking ahead is always an ideal. It’s important to have solid goals and a vivid idea of what you want to accomplish. It’s also important, however, to look towards the future while keeping your heart and your work in the present. Realizing your dreams is as much about preparation as it is about action. We’re all going places, but it’s crucial to examine and embrace your present as much as you do your future.


Readying yourself for your dream role is about who you become. The first course of action is to take into account your skills and accomplishments. The purpose of this is to analyze who you are and what you can do. Are there any areas in which you could improve? You may have the necessary skill set for the job you want, but it may need strengthening.

In addition, consider the character traits that go into this dream role. It could require the type of personality that will see things through, or the kind that keeps an eye on the minutest details. What are you doing now that demonstrates those traits? Go that extra mile today as it will prepare you for tomorrow.

You can use this list to determine where and how you need to grow professionally. Making the effort to be your best professional self in the present is setting yourself up for a successful future.

Researching Where You Want To Go

The next step is to look into the types of jobs where you can apply those skills. Get an idea of what sort of role you want to play in your future job. Take note of what is required to fill that role, both in terms of hard skills and characteristics.

Then, look into the industries that are growing. If relocation is what you’re looking for, research the most prominent industries in the area in which you are interested. Doing this will reveal which companies are doing the most hiring either in your area of focus. The companies that pique the most interest are the ones you want to really examine: find their mission statement, find articles about how they’ve gained media attention lately, and learn about any new developments on which they are embarking. Also, learn about their culture. Be sure you can envision yourself there.

Making Your Move

If you have a specific company in mind, make sure you network. Get to you know those who work in these companies. Learn about who they are, what they do, and what they need. Also, look within your current company. There is usually a wealth of opportunities for career advancement.

Alternatively, there may be someone who’ll agree to be your mentor. One-on-one learning from someone who is successful and knowledgeable in an area of interest to you is invaluable. Their experience and what they have learned from it can be applied to where you are, right now. Or read and study someone whose accomplishments you admire. It will provide further insight into who you want to become.

Moving forward is about preparing yourself now. This means focusing on the present in order to get to the future. Take the time to maximize today’s experiences and opportunities for growth. Become the person that will fill your dream role perfectly: acquire the skills, characteristics, and motivation to take action and step into your future.