Job Opportunities for Recent College Grads on a Steep Incline

A study by Michigan State University’s College Employment Research Institute indicates that since recruiting of college graduates is at its highest since the dot-com boom, recruiting and hiring will become incredibly fast-paced. The study considered many perspectives including region, company size, academic degree, and recruiting among others.

The study revealed that companies of all sizes will see universal increase of hiring of the degreed. Companies of a medium size will, however, hire fewer graduates with masters or professional degrees, but overall growth is expected. Employers in general will be hiring more recent graduates than they did last year.

Recruiting trends indicate that the more rapid pace of student / graduate recruiting will come with some natural growing pains: students will have little time to interview or decide on positions and recruiters will not as much time for campus visits and applicants.

With every aspect and expectation of growth, there are concerns. Companies are noticing that while competition for qualified graduates is high, the supporting recruiting staff to bring in those graduates is lacking. In addition, companies may not have the pizzazz to attract those students. Companies are also unfairly finding the pool of students to be wanting for certain attributes: experience, motivation or “polish”, or even the willingness to commit to their company.

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Michigan State University survey