Most HR Managers Would Rehire Former Employee

According to a survey conducted by Accountemps, 98% of human resources managers would rehire former employees who left the company on a good note. However, over half of professionals surveyed said they would not feel comfortable returning to a former employer.

The benefits of rehiring former employees are obvious: shorter learning curve, already know to be a culture fit, etc.

The trick to rehiring former employees is to understand why they left. If they left on a good note to pursue other opportunities or further education, then bringing them back could be good for the company. If they left on a poor note for various reasons, then former employees may be unhappy if nothing has changed.

Below are some tips for ensuring employees leave on a good note:

  • Conduct exit interviews
  • Part ways professionally
  • Communicate intentions
  • Stay in touch
  • Consider placing a returning employee in a different role

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