Complicated Applications Cause Job Seekers to Abandon Them

According to a study conducted by CareerBuilder, 60% of applications are abandoning job applications in before completing them. This is most likely due to applications being too long or involved.

Employers responding to this survey say that the longer applications “weed out” applicants who may not be dedicated enough. Sarah Gregory, director of research at Punchkick Interactive, says that the opposite is true.

Candidates’ time is important; so how can recruiters streamline the application process?

  • Reduce the process to 5 minutes or less
  • Ask fewer questions
  • Do not have candidates re-enter work histories
  • Keep account logins to a minimum
  • Ensure platforms are mobile friendly
  • Keep job descriptions between 250 and 2,000 words

Experts also say that giving candidates insight into the company and its culture increases likelihood of candidates clicking through to the application.

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