Talent Management Solutions

"He who stops being better stops being good."
— Oliver Cromwell

Strategic Consulting

Whether you’re leading a major contingent workforce program, scaling up a small or mid-sized business, or seeking to leverage talent in specific departments, your talent strategy can either accelerate performance or cause serious setbacks.

Primary’s strategic consulting practice focuses on understanding our clients’ specific business issues to determine which talent solution will drive the desired results.

Enterprise-Wide Solution

Primary has experience driving results across global programs through attracting and leveraging talent across hundreds of departments. We have consulted with multiple clients to build holistic strategies for talent acquisition and management that drive high level results. In each occasion, we have provided insight that we are also prepared to apply to your business outcomes. If you would like to revamp your contingent workforce management programs, we are ready to advise you as we did a Fortune 250 client with over 17,000 contingent employees. If you wish to revamp an operational program to raise flagging KPIs, we can provide expertise similar to that recently provided to a Fortune 250 company. Regardless of your goals, Primary stands ready to create an innovative solution.

Growing Small and Mid-Size Talent Programs

When companies experience steady growth, focusing on developing appropriate HR and talent strategy and processes can be a daily challenge. Executive leadership focus is best spent on developing and delivering the most robust product or service for the customer. Having a strong partner that takes ownership of your talent strategy can provide the critical talent needed to execute at a high level. Over the past 27 years, Primary has partnered with a number of growing clients and has consulted on how certain kinds of talent match their growth strategy. Some companies benefit most from a steady pipeline of sharp entry-level talent, while others may require several highly experienced leaders and individual contributors.

Departmental Solutions: Process and Cost Efficiency

At a departmental level, there are often a number of solutions that will drive results; the selection of the best options is critical. Primary has consulted with our customers on a variety of such solutions, including 100% HR compliance for hundreds of employees; process redesign to maximize results and reduce headcount; and customization of compensation to drive the highest level of performance.

“Primary provides the same high-quality, professional customer service that our company is committed to provide its customers.”

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