Strategic Talent Solutions

"Change your thoughts and you change the world."
— Norman Vincent Peale

Human Resource Consulting

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As the talent market evolves, companies are under pressure to implement creative solutions that engage and innovatively leverage top talent. Primary consults with clients on areas including workforce planning, retiree engagement, training and development, and co-employment advisement.

One of Primary’s core services is HR management of the employees on assignment with our clients. For many companies, engaging a flexible contingent workforce is a critical factor to the success of their talent strategy. Primary consults with our clients to mitigate co-employment risk, plan for internal and external business shifts, and develop unique programs that ensure contractor performance matches company policies and initiatives. With hundreds of employees placed with over 100 companies, Primary has answers for the Human Resources needs of companies across a breadth of industries and sizes. We have expertise to deliver training on compliance with EEOC and sexual harassment for supervisors, as well.