Recruiting Solutions

"Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success."
— Henry Ford


When you have short-term needs, we give you fast access to the market’s readily available talent. For over 25 years, Primary Services has quickly provided qualified resources for clients for most temporary positions. We know the candidates with the right motivators to commit to the length of your assignment. Each candidate we present first undergoes a rigorous vetting process, including in-depth interviews and customized testing, as appropriate, to ensure they have both the capabilities and work habits that match your company culture. However brief or lengthy the assignment, we take a job order and fill it as carefully as though the candidate would be on your staff for years.

Primary is committed to placing the most qualified candidate within the shortest amount of time. We understand the impact that hiring has on your business and have designed our process to be the most effective for your teams. In order to achieve effective staffing solutions for your team, our recruiters stress the importance of commitment and completion to each employee being considered for an assignment.

Other value-added aspects of Primary’s process include:

  • Detailed interview and basic background checks specific to the role prior to submission
  • Departmental profiles outlining the requirements, needs, and culture of the departments that are shared with candidates when applicable
  • Detailed and accurate job descriptions
  • Customized orientation for projects or client hiring classes
  • Client-specific orientation packages and testing standards
  • Vacation pay, holiday pay, and compliant medical benefit plans
  • Coaching and counseling services for any candidate performance issues while on assignment
  • Exit interviews for contract employees and quality surveys to promote open communication

“Primary Services continues to provide exemplary temporaries and their responsiveness to our specialized needs has been outstanding…. This is due to their strong commitment to quality, specialized recruiting and thorough selection and testing process.”

Global Oil and Gas Company