Recruiting Solutions

"Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success."
— Henry Ford


Temp-to-hire solutions can provide your company flexibility in situations where workload and other considerations fluctuate. A temp-to-hire solution allows you to consider a candidate for a permanent role or to confirm long-term departmental needs. You benefit by assessing a person’s capabilities and fit for a role before making a full-time employment commitment. Because we frequently interview candidates for contract and direct-hire roles, we have a large database of proven candidates who are available immediately to meet your needs.

Other value-added aspects of Primary’s process include:

  • Detailed interview and basic background checks specific to the role prior to submission
  • Departmental profiles outlining the requirements, needs, and culture of the departments that are shared with candidates when applicable
  • Detailed and accurate job descriptions
  • Customized orientation for projects or client hiring classes
  • Client-specific orientation packages and testing standards
  • Vacation pay, holiday pay, and compliant medical benefit plans
  • Coaching and counseling services for any candidate performance issues while on assignment

“In some cases, we have been so impressed with individuals that have come here, we have hired them as permanent employees…. For this and many other reasons, Primary Services is our temporary agency of choice.”

Major Chemical Corporation