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New Energy

New and Renewable Energy

The future of energy employment will be driven by renewables and the growth trend will continue worldwide. As awareness, focus, and demand for renewable energy has increased over the years, Primary Services has continued to expand its focus in staffing the New Energy industry.

As a New Energy staffing leader, we bring deep industry experience, up-to-date market intelligence, ongoing performance management, and tailored added value for our clients. Primary has over 20 years of experience within power, renewables, natural gas, and distributed electricity.

Finding talented candidates, who have experience in New Energy, can be a challenge as companies seek to grow their division and efforts in the industry. Primary partners with clients to offer long-term value and to support business objectives by tracking results and delivering on speed, quality, and satisfaction for all New Energy staffing and talent needs.

Whether you are hiring one person, a whole team, or want to explore custom talent solutions, contact Primary to get the job done. We support environmentally sustainable businesses scale and growth through our staffing services and talent management solutions.

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“We wouldn’t be where we are today without you guys standing in the trenches with us.”Vice President of Solar


Talent Management Solutions


Strategic Consulting:

Improve cost management, process flow, workforce program design, and talent assessment capabilities.

On-Site Management:

Augment your staff and elevate your workforce’s performance through outsourced HR and supervision.


Streamline your contingent workforce processes by outsourcing payroll and HR paperwork to Primary’s industry-leading team.