Trends: Job Seeking Going Mobile

This shouldn’t be surprising as the presence of social media has become more and more relevant in the space of job seeking and recruiting. But a recent study has determined the increasing turn to mobile platforms for job seeking.

LinkedIn was and is the most preferred platform for professional purposes. 61% of recruiters and 34% of job seekers have selected it. Facebook, however, is the top network for social reasons as it defines the reputation of individuals. What job seekers need to know is that the likelihood for being contacted by a recruiter increases the more networks the job seeker actively participates in. When active on one network, the chance of a recruiter reaching out is 16%, but increases to 46% when a candidate uses all of the major platforms: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Another part of the study was the effect of smartworking, or flexible working environments. Although the concept of smartworking is relatively unheard of, the study revealed that job seekers and recruiters alike were very interested in the idea. Although, recruiters have indicated that smarworking would be most beneficial to those in management or permanent roles as opposed to non-managerial or temp / part time roles.