Study Provides Tips for Smart Job Search Practices

A recent study on hiring trends have revealed six methods to make the most of the job hunt. The study examined where companies, large and small, tend to find employees by studying the success of internal and external sources of hire. The top sources of hire were employee referrals, job search engines, current employees, job boards, recruiters, and company career sites.

Internally, the best methods for finding a job are through employee referrals, promotions, and company websites. Using social networking sites like LinkedIn to connect with current employees to expand your network can prove invaluable. The study also suggests that companies, in general, promote from within: remaining aware of open positions in your current job through coworkers or the company’s career site could provide countless opportunities.

Externally, the most successful job search methods have been search engines and job boards. According to data, search engines like Indeed and SimplyHired are the most possible job aggregators. Similarly, job boards like CareerBuilder, LinkedIn, and Monster have high rates of success for job hunters.

Another external source is third-party recruiters. If one is specific in their job needs, recruiters can be incredibly helpful. In fact, some jobs are only filled through third-part recruiting. For college graduates, internal and external on-campus recruiting and interviewing is seeing a resurgence in popularity.