Staffing Industry and Labor Market Outlook Remains Promising As Final Quarter Begins

The latest job growth data hasn’t been optimistic, but despite that the staffing industry’s outlook is promising. Though the global economy has affected the US market, most industries (save for manufacturing and energy) have still added jobs.

And a gain in momentum is expected for the upcoming quarter. The healthcare industry, among others, is thriving and in constant need of employees. And, of course, there is the natural uptick in seasonal hiring for retailers. Additionally, small and mid-sized businesses are anticipating more hiring to match their growth.

In fact, the projected hiring for the fourth quarter is supposed to be the strongest since 2007. As a result, the staffing industry is expected to rise by 7% this year and 6% in 2016. Overall, the confidence in the labor market for the year remains high going into the year’s final quarter.