Spotlight Award Winner: Luz Carmona

We’re very excited to announce that Luz Carmona is the first winner of the Primary Services Spotlight Award!

Though Luz has only been with us since June, she has already made a profound impact on her assignment. Originally hired as a Customer Service Representative, Luz quickly became the go to person for new hire mentorship and guidance.

Luz carmona with team

Luz with her team and Primary Services’ Eden Pastora

She impressed her supervisor so much that when the client needed a team for a special project testing user interfaces, Luz’s name was at top of the list. The manager in charge of this special team needed someone detailed and analytical, and with Luz she got all of that and more.

According to her manager, Luz has become “a subject matter, surpassing even my knowledge” of the system critical to the project. Her work identifying gaps within the new interface has been invaluable to the success of this and other projects.

“Luz has gone above and beyond on my project and I am excited about her future with us!” said her manager.

We were honored to present Luz’s award in person onsite with her team, and IT project team present. With the help of her manager, we were able surprise her, and render her speechless! Everyone gathered had nothing but wonderful things to say about Luz. We’re so proud to have someone like so admirable represent Primary every day.

Congratulations, Luz! Thank you for all that you do.