New Recruiting Platform For The Passive Tech Job Seeker

One of the most in-demand type of professional—the tech worker—is also the most passive. Which means the majority are employed, and not actively job hunting. According to LinkedIn’s Talent Trends report, most are satisfied with their jobs, but some would be willing to consider the “right” opportunity.

Moving out of beta mode, Woo is a recruiting platform for recruiters and tech candidates alike. Much like platforms such as Jobr or Switch, Woo lets job seeker post resumes and search for job anonymously. Recruiters, in turn, can see the profiles, but only if the candidate’s terms match. Some terms could include:

  • Promotion opportunity
  • Experience with new technologies
  • Company culture
  • Flexible work schedule
  • Relocation
  • Salary
  • Benefits

Woo is free for candidates, and, according to CEO Liran Kotzer, candidates have been matched to companies within 25 hours. Kotzer also said that Woo is “1,000% better and more efficient at engaging with the passive job seeker,” because of the data available to both the company and the candidate.

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