Minor Changes in US Job Openings in November

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that, on the last business day of November, job openins numbered 5.4 million. The number of job openings did not see much change in November, but there has been a general increase for the past 12 months in private and nonfarm. Government, however, has remained pretty static over the past 12 months. The largest amount of industry openings were:

  • Healthcare: 242,000
  • Food Services: 129,000


Hires numbered at 5.2 million in November, which is also only a small change from October. For the past 12 months, ending in November, the number of hires slightly changed for all of nonfarm, private, and government. The largest amount of industry hires were:

  • Food services: 104,000
  • Educational services: 18,000

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