Fastest Growing IT Jobs

Last year, employment for IT-specific positions increased in all industries save for oil and gas. According to government data analyzed by CompTIA. IT employment increased by 3.1% percent, which came to 152,000 jobs in 2015. Some of the top jobs are as follows:

  • Cybersecurity analysts: 85,200 jobs
  • Web developers: 243,800 jobs
  • Software application developers: 775,000 jobs
  • Software systems developers: 428,00 jobs
  • Systems analysts: 647,000 jobs
  • Computer user support specialists: 685,000 jobs
  • IT managers, CIOs: 371,000 jobs

Oil and gas industry is one of the top users of IT workforce, and is heavily dependent on IT services. Industry employment fell by 4% last year and it could fall by as much as 3% this year.

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