Expansion in Temporary Staffing Expected in 2015, Forecast Says

According to the “US Staffing Industry Forecast: April 2015 Update,” the temporary staffing industry will grow 6% in 2015 resulting in worth of $121.0 billion by 2016, an industry record. The place-and-search industry will also expand this year by 9%.

It is expected that this year will see the fasted GDP growth in 10 years, generating more staffing revenue nationwide than last year. The US staffing industry is expected to benefit greatly from this new stage in the economy: lower unemployment and evidence of wage inflation. The key to staying ahead is by being mindful of the inevitable cap on wage inflation and incorporating organized business practices to maintain stability and cultivate growth when the economic downturn occurs.

While growth is expected for all segments of temporary staffing, education will be the most promising because it is a small segment with expanding demand in K–12 school districts. In contrast, engineering staffing will have the least growth due to limited oil and gas exploration and production since the recession. Industrial, clerical, IT, and healthcare will maintain steady growth.

The forecast is based on anticipated exponential US GDP growth, which will push job and staffing growth. Staffing growth will also be boosted by any wage inflation caused by a drop in unemployment and availability of workers.

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